24 Popular Applications Built    Using Laravel

24 Popular Applications Built Using Laravel

built with laravel

In this article we present some popular open source projects that use Laravel. These include everything from personal music streaming servers to rapid API generator tools. In addition, we’ll see a nice collection of content management systems, forums, and even social bookmarking style applications in this roundup. Below you will find a short description and links to projects like Koel, CachetHQ, Flarum, October CMS, Laravel Voyager, Laravel Spreadsheet, MonicaHQ, Invoice Ninja, Laravel Boilerplate, Pyrocms, Polrproject, Laravel Generator, Pigjian, Vuedo, Laravel Charts, Laravel IO, Lavalite, Laravel Zero, Voten, Council, Canvas, Bookstackapp, and Apiato.


koel music streaming server

Koel is a web based personal audio streaming application which uses VueJS on the client side and Laravel on the server side. Built by web developers for web developers, Koel makes use of many modern web technologies such as Flexbox, Vue, Laravel, and drag-and-drop API. Check out the documentation for more as well as the github repository.


cachet status server

CachetHQ is an open source status page system for everyone. Some of the features of Cachet include a sweet design utilizing Bootstrap, a fully integrated translation system, a nice JSON API, scheduled maintenance tools, visual metrics, and two factor authentication. Find it on github here.


flarum forum

Flarum is a nice build of software for forum discussions. It has a Two-Pane Interface, Infinite Scrolling, Floating Composer. Touch Optimization, Smooth Animations, Swipe Gestures, and is very fast and lightweight. Get it from github.


october cms

October CMS is a Free, open-source, self-hosted CMS platform based on the Laravel PHP Framework. It’s branded as simple, modern, universal, extendable, fun to use, reliable, and easy to learn.
It’s repository is also on github.


laravel voyager

Need an administrative interface for your Laravel application? Then you need to check out Voyager, the missing Laravel Admin. Voyager is a Laravel Admin Package that includes BREAD(CRUD) operations, a media manager, menu builder, and much more. Github Repository.


jwt auth

Ready to use JSON Web Token Authentication for Laravel & Lumen – get it from Github.

7. Laravel PhpSpreadsheet

laravel excel

Laravel Excel features: Easily export collections to Excel, Export queries with automatic chunking for better performance, Queue exports for better performance, Easily export Blade views to Excel. Github link.


monica laravel

You can’t remember all the things you need to remember. Monica helps you remember.
Github repo.


invoice ninja

Invoice Ninja Features: Create Invoices in Real-Time, Create Tasks, Projects, & Track Time, Customize Invoices with Your Logo, 40+ Payment Options Supported, Accept Deposits & Partial Payments, Create Recurring & Auto-Bill Invoices, Build Trust with a Custom URL Link, and much more.
Get it on github.


laravel boilerplate

All the crap you hate doing, already done. Programmed by developers, for developers.On Github.


pyro cms

Build better Laravel websites and applications faster with Pyro, a powerful CMS and Integrated Platform.
Github repo.


sell tickets online

Attendize is a free & open-source ticket selling and event management platform. Github repo.


laravel link shortener

Polr is a quick, modern, and open-source link shortener. It allows you to host your own URL shortener, to brand your URLs, and to gain control over your data. Found on Github.

14. Laravel Generator

laravel api generator

Laravel Generator – Get your APIs and Admin Panel ready in minutes. Laravel Generator to generate CRUD, APIs, Test Cases and Swagger Documentation. Github repo.


pj blog laravel

PJ Blog is an open source blog built with Laravel and Vue.js. Github repo.

16. Vuedo

vue do blog

Vuedo is a blog platform, built with Laravel and Vue.js. Get it on github.

17. Laravel Charts

laravel charts

Super powerful charting using Laravel and associated charting software. On Github.

18. Laravel IO

laravel io

The code that powers the popular Laravel IO community forum. Github repo.


lavalite cms

Lavalite is a CMS that has a standardized collection of tools and packages that are used to build and maintain a sustainable web presence. Github repo.


laravel zero

Micro-framework for console/command-line applications, Simple and lightweight, Built on top of the Laravel components. Github code.


voten laravel

Like Reddit, but better. Github Repo.

22. Council

laravel council

This is an open source forum that was built and maintained at Github repo.


canvas blog platform

Simple, Powerful Blog Publishing Platform built with Laravel. Github repo.


bookstack wiki

Simple & Free Wiki Software – BookStack is a simple, self-hosted, easy-to-use platform for organising and storing information. Github repository.

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