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The Guest User Gates feature is an add-on to the latest 5.7 version released in September 2018. This feature is used to initiate the authorization process for specific users.

In Laravel 5.6, there was a procedure where it used to return false for unauthenticated users. In Laravel 5.7, we can allow guests to go authorization checks by using the specific nullable type hint within the specified controller as given below −

Gate::define('view-post', function (?User $user) {
   // Guests

Explanation of the Code

By using a nullable type hint the $user variable will be null when a guest user is passed to the gate. You can then make decisions about authorizing the action. If you allow nullable types and return true, then the guest will have authorization. If you don’t use a nullable type hint, guests will automatically get the 403 response for Laravel 5.7, which is displayed below −

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