30 SQL Interview Questions

Post Views: 135 1. What is Database? A database is an organized collection of data, stored and retrieved digitally from a remote or local computer system. Databases can be vast and complex, and such databases are developed using fixed design and modeling approaches. 2. What is DBMS? DBMS stands for Database Management System. DBMS is a system software responsible for […]

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Top 34 CSS Interview Question

Post Views: 438 1) What is CSS?CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. It is a popular styling language which is used with HTML to design websites. It can also be used with any XML documents including plain XML, SVG, and XUL. 2) What is the origin of CSS?SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language) is the origin of CSS. It is a […]

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25 Javascript Interview Question

Post Views: 147 1. What’s the difference between undefined and null?. ↑ Before understanding the differences between undefined and null we must understand the similarities between them. They belong to JavaScript’s 7 primitive types. They are falsy values. Values that evaluated to false when converting it to boolean using Boolean(value) or !!value. Ok, let’s talk about the differences. undefined is the default value of a variable that has not been assigned a specific value. Or a […]

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